2013 in K-Pop - Best Album

K-Pop releases usually slows down at the end of the year so I figured I can close off the year counting the best of this year. I'll start with the best album of 2013. Last year, I crowned BTOB's Press Play as the tracks in there were all awesome and radio friendly. I felt this year K-Pop were a bit dissappointing as there weren't many releases that stood out for me. Here are my Top 5:

VIXX - Voodoo
Voodoo Doll has its mixture of hits and miss for me. If you didn't own their previous singles, you just need this album to catch as it includes their hits Super Hero, Rock Ur Body, On and On, Hyde and G.R.8.U. which I thought were good songs. The thing with VIXX is you need a few listen to get their songs but you'll end up loving it. My favourite tracks also includes Only U, Say U Say Me and Love Come True.

Hong Dae Kwang - Farther Away
I had no idea Hong Dae Kwang was one of the finalist of Superstar K 4. Went to Jeju Island, his song Goodbye, a duet with Sistar's SoYou, was playing and I instantly loved it. Purchased the rest of the album and soaked in the emotional of each of the songs. Just beautiful. Other tracks I loved was Smiling Goodbye, I Just Like You and I Am.

Sistar - Give It To Me
There will always be less girl groups in my playlist. Simply because most of them keep coming out with cute song that I just don't get. Sistar is one of the exception. I'm not sure if it's because of my love for Bora or it's because the songs in this release are really good. My favourites include The Way You Make Me Melt, Summer Time, If You Want and Up and Down.

B1A4 - What's Happening
B1A4 is killing it for me lately. I've come to love all their title tracks so far. They're just fun bubbly songs that you want to blast and sing along on a summer day. This album had a mix of great upbeat and mellow songs. I took turn loving each and every song here. What's Happening, Good Love and How Many Times are all awesome songs.

EXO - XOXO (Repackage)
Best album of 2013 goes to EXO. No one can deny that. EXO sort of took the throne of King of R&B Pop from SHINee. It almost sold a million copy or so I heard. I'm not surprised. You want Pop, you got it. You want R&B, here you go. You want dance, at your service. There's even a One Direction-esque track. You have to give a listen to Growl, XOXO, Lucky, Baby Don't Cry, Heart Attack, Don't Go and Black Pearl. Heck just get the whole album already!

So there you have it. Another year of K-Pop is over. Can't believe I last this long listening to K-Pop for someone who loses interest easily. There were also some disappointing releases I'd like to mention. Don't hate me please :)

1. 2PM - Grown
2. SHINee - The Misconception of You, Me, Us and Everybody
3. U-KISS - Collage
4. 2AM - One Spring Day
5. BTOB - Thriller

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