2013 in K-Pop: Best Dance

This category is pretty hard for me to pick. I'm not really someone who would know about dance so I wouldn't know what attributes to an awesome dance. So I chose based on which moves caught my eyes. If I wasn't so lazy last year, I would've posted about last year's choices. My best dance for 2012 would've been U-KISS' Stop Girl. That song's choreography to me was just slick and on point. U-KISS knows how to move in unison. Here are my top 5 choices for this year. If you're reading from buzz KOREA, videos of the dance can be watched by clicking the original URL.

Inifinite H - Special Girl
I love this song. When the MV came out, the chorus' choreography just stuck to me. The part where they were swaying their hips was just slick and stood out perfectly in synch with the song.

VIXX - Voodoo Doll
The awesome thing about the dance is how they really related the moves to that of being Voodoo Dolls. One of my favourite moves was the part when Ken was carried out over Ravi to the front. Then there were instances where the pin pierces each members. The part where they simulate a clock ticking was creative as well.

Girls' Generation - I Got a Boy
Girls' Generation went hip hop for their 2013 release. So you can expect a lot of hip thrusting and booty shaking. Haha. The part where they sing 'Oh. Oh Eh Oh' where they stand in 2 line. When the front goes left, the back goes right. Then they imitate the action of touching up their face while bending forward. Haha. I'm bad at describing dance moves. The ending pose also was on point.

U-KISS - Standing Still
I didn't think Standing Still was U-KISS' best work. It was a listenable song but short of awesome. The only redemption was the dance moves. It made the song more upbeat and catchy. With most K-Pop dances emphasize on hand gestures, U-KISS is always creative with leg movements. The knee-bending moves during the chorus looked really complicated when there's 7 of them doing it. Looks intricate. Add the hand movements, especially the tummy slapping (??) gesture, those made the choreography slick.

EXO - Growl
You gotta admit. The more people dancing in unison, the more complicated the dance look. EXO made it look effortless. I like how at times the moves are swift fast and suddenly in slow motion. There's also that hat stealing move by different members. The broke into groups and changes between them seamlessly. The moves also have that jazzy feel of the song. Fits well.

Hope you like my choices. Sorry for the bad descriptions. Watching the dances would ease the pain of reading. Hehe.

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