2013 in K-Pop: Best Song (10-1)

The final 10 songs that I chose were the best of this year are regarded as those songs that got stuck in my head for a while. Some of these took me a while to like it, some are just instant likes for me. Any of them your favourites? If you reading from buzz KOREA, hit up the Original URL to watch the videos for these songs.

U-KISS - She's Mine
U-KISS tries to go all Hip-hop with this new sound and I think it works for them. The song doesn't stray away from the R&B sound that U-KISS is used to and each part fits each member's vocal perfectly.

2NE1 - Missing You
This song is a rare gem. I just felt this song has the rawness of 2NE1 but can still touch your emotion with the beautiful music. They're not my favourite female group but certainly moved up my list with this song.

I told you there's gonna be a lot of ballads in this list. I usually just listen but not get into songs by Korean bands. I'm a full-on K-Pop fan but there's just something beautiful about this ballad that made me fall for it. Praise also for Hong Ki's powerful vocal.

EXO - Miracles in December
This is a new favourite of mine. As much as I'm not fond of SM's dominance, when they come out with a masterpiece like this, I'm ok with it. It's such a beautiful ballad to listen to this time of the year. 

Infinite H - Special Girl
The start of the year made K-Pop interesting with this release. After hearing that Inifnite H would be a Hip-Hop sub-unit, I didn't think I would be down for it. However, they manage to lure me in with this infectious tune.

Hong Dae Kwang - Goodbye with Smile
I wanted to make this list strictly tracks that were commercially released as singles. This song almost didn't make it until they decided to release it for the movie Tough as Iron which made the song more heartfelt.

BTOB - 2nd Confession
BTOB never failed to impress me with their releases. This is not a typical K-Pop tune from your typical boy band. It shows that these guys and Cube can shell out good quality music and still be relevant to the Gen Y market.

MR.MR - Do You Feel Me?
Can I just say I love this song?! It has that Chris Brown R&B Dance feel to it that just mesmerized me. Love, love, love the music even though I have no clue who these guys are. Everyone should have a listen and give them a chance.

EXO - Growl
Who doesn't like EXO? This is definitely their year. This smooth R&B hit is just what the group needed to rise up and be on top. Coupled with an awesome choreography, it's destined to be a hit.

B1A4 - What's Happening?
B1A4 has caught my attention and manage to go into my list of artists that I will always look forward to their releases. I discovered their old song, I Only Learned Bad Things and now with this song this year. All I can say is they shell out some of the best POP songs ever. Different with every releases.

There you have it. Do you agree with me on any of my choices? What can I do to sway you into agreeing? Hehe. Anyway, hope everyone have a great new year ahead and looking forward to more K-pop!

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