2013 in K-Pop: Best Song (30-21)

I thought this would be easy as I felt there weren't as many good songs that I liked this year but turns out it's still hard to choose my 30 top favourites. K-Pop is still alive for me this year! Haha. The end of the year produced a lot of good music that I loved. So here are the bottom 10 of my top 30 list of Best Songs of 2013.

Crayon Pop - Bar Bar Bar
I thought I was that into all these comedic songs like Psy but I find this song really fun. In addition to the cool choreography, this is one rollercoaster ride.

Teen Top - Miss Right
Teen Top had an awesome hit with To You last year. The year started for them with this hit. I loved the 'La La La La La La' chorus!

Sistar - Give It To Me
Sistar is one of those girl groups that I know will come out with great songs. This is good but I love the other songs in their album.

EXO - Wolf
I didn't really get the song at first. I thought it was a mess but I went on and bought their album and learned to enjoy it. Love the choreography also.

2PM - Come Back When You Hear This Song
I thought this song was a good uptempo ballad. However, this is not by 2PM's standard. It's good but not awesome.

2AM - Regret
2AM's first release of the year, One Spring Day, didn't do it for me. This also took a while to enjoy but I got it in the end. It's now in my playlist, as well as the other songs in Nocturne.

uBEAT - Should've Treated You Better
Standing Still from U-KISS wasn't that bad. It was just generic. I'm glad that they immediately decided to form uBEAT and release this awesome song.

Boyfriend - I Yah
I enjoyed Janus last year as well as the whole album. I never really liked Boyfriend before that so I was glad that they came out with another mature hit. It has that Infinite Chaser sound.

VIXX - On and On
With VIXX, it's sometimes a hit or miss for me. They do make good songs, just not epic enough. You're gonna have to take a sec to appreciate the parts of the songs. I need therapy!

2PM - A.D.T.O.Y
2PM was one of the first groups that got me into K-Pop. I was so looking forward to their comeback. As catchy as this song is however, I almost forgot about it.

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