2013 in K-Pop - Best Rookie

I'm having the hardest time in choosing this as I didn't enjoy many rookie debuts this year. After last year's overwhelming flow of new rookie (and good ones), I find a lot of the rookie male and female groups have similar concepts with existing artists. Not many stood out for me. So here's my Top 5 choices. If you're reading from buzz KOREA, click on the original URL below to watch videos and more.

Roy Kim
I loved his winning single last year Passing By and looked forward to more song like that from him. Luckily his record company stuck with that concept. I still preferred Passing By but both Love Love Love and Bom Bom Bom are good listens for me. They're more on the light-hearted and happy side.

HISTORY debuted with a unique uptempo song with a big chorus, Dreamer. I loved the drum beats! I guess it's to showcase their harmony. Tell Me Love, their 2nd song is more mainstream. The kind of pop songs from your average boy band but it still had a nice hook in its chorus. They even released a 3rd song which I haven't cozied up to yet. Apparently it has some latin flavor to it. Very different indeed.

Eric Nam
2013 made me listen to more solo artists. Most of them are actually from singing competitions on TV. What I know is that Eric is from Birth of a Great Star, I think. His debut song Heaven's Door is a sweet romantic song that showcases his vocal ability effortlessly. Another song from his debut mini album, Cloud 9, that I liked was Love Song. Such a lovely song with a sweet bridge and an even sweeter chorus. I'd want to use that as a wedding song :)

This might be a surprise to a lot of people as not many know this group. The weird thing is their MV for their debut song, Sorry, only featured one member throughout the whole video. However, I absolutely love this song, which explains why they're high in my list. Their other songs on their debut EP that I liked is Only U and Tell Me That You Love Me.

Hong Dae Kwang
I wouldn't have discovered this guy if I hadn't gone to Jeju Island. I was kinda in the mood for a sad song to listen to at the time. Goodbye featuring Sistar's SoYou was the song that made me noticed Hong Dae Kwang. From there, I was sure he would have more songs that are just beautiful. His album was one of my best this year. Listen to I Am, I Just Like You and Smiling Goodbye as well.

Hope you find something you like here ;)

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