Best of Korea: Haeundae Beach, Busan

On my trip to Korea in June, I dropped by Busan simply because of this. I wanted to see for myself the beautiful Haeundae Beach. As it is a beach, I would say it's more appropriate to be visiting it around Summer. From pictures online, I expect this place to be packed with people during the peak of the season.

My trip to Busan started from my flight from Jeju Island. Busan's Gimhae airport is nothing fancy if I remember correctly. As soon as we arrived, we head straight to the taxi stand to go to our hotel at Haeundae Beach itself. The drive from the airport to the beach took I think more than an hour. Mainly because of the horrible traffic. If you're travelling by subway, the nearest station is Haeundae. Go to exit 3 or 5 and walk straight until you see the beach. It might be a walk. About 10 minutes.

Location of Haeundae Beach
The left view of the beach from my balcony
We stayed at Paradise Hotel which was right by the beach. If you can splurge a little, then this hotel would be a good choice. The first picture above is what I see of Haeundae Beach from my balcony. Awesome view right? It doesn't have direct access to the beach though. You have to make a turn to the back of the hotel from the entrance. Right beside it is a duty free shopping mall. Duty Free stuff can sometimes be much much cheaper than prices at home so you shouldn't miss out on it.
Cool devices to blow out the sands in your shoes
Haeundae Beach at night
 We only stayed for a night in Busan so we didn't get to travel around much. As soon as we arrive, we decided to go to the beach. I was all set in my swimming trunks but ended up not swimming in the ocean as the water is still too cold. The atmosphere is so relaxing as you can see people playing beach volleyball, frisbees, cycling along the beachwalk. They had these devices where we can rinse of sands from our feet. So cool. We need that here but I think would easily be vandalised if it were ever to be installed.
Sand drawings of Iron Man and Marilyn Monroe
The tiles along the beachwalk will let you know if you've arrived
During the time of the visit, there was some sort of sand drawing competition going on. So there were piles of sands with people making 3D carvings out of it. Besides this, the beach is also home to the Busan Aquarium. I didn't go for the aquarium as I thought it was a bit pricey and I would assume it's not much different than any other aquarium attraction around the world. Overall I would say the beach is a must visit whenever you're dropping by Busan. It was awesomely beautiful. I hope to go there again during the peak Summer season just to bask in the crowd of beach-goers. Hehe.

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