Album Review - Prism by Katy Perry

Katy Perry is my one true love. Hehe. Her last album, Teenage Dream had a variety of pop songs that you'd want in an album. Each of the songs had its unique qualities and you just can imagine all of them being radio hits. She's now back with a new album called Prism. According to her, she's going back to her roots but it still had that pop element you'd expect from her. Here's my review.

Judging based on her last album and the single Roar, I decided to pre-order this album. Roar wasn't actually as fun and upbeat as California Gurls or TGIF but it sure is catchy. It also has a message of its own which I think is its main appeal. She pre-released 2 other tracks before the full release of this Prism. Dark Horse has that unique beat that takes you back to ET. The other track, Walking on Air, is like a disco anthem from the 80's but somehow seems as catchy to listen to today. Her 2nd promo single is Unconditionally. On first listen, I have to admit I thought the lyrics was too simple and doesn't hook you immediately. However, I'm now loving it after a few listen. You just have to cozy up to it.

My favourite songs from this album are more of the slower numbers. It Takes Two, which is actually a bonus track from the Deluxe Edition, reminds you of a song Kelly Clarkson would sing but Katy does it well too here and made it more pop. Double Rainbow, though it has a cheesy title, is a sweet song about finally finding the one. I liked By the Grace of God because of the story and the last bridge that has an uplifting drum beat. The more upbeat ones that I currently like is This is How We Do and International Smile. The latter sounds like a much better version of Teenage Dream. Other songs on the album include Legendary Lovers, Birthday, which sounds like a Bruno Mars track, Ghost, Love Me and This Moment, which reminds you of an A-Ha song. The Deluxe Edition also has Spiritual and Choose Your Battles.

Overall the album does have that 80's or 90's feel to it as there's a lot of songs that had beats and sounds that you would hear from those eras. To say that you should get the whole album is tough is you loved Teenage Dream. It's a different take here and you're going to have to take a few listen to some of them to enjoy it.

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