2013 in K-Pop: Best Song (20-11)

And the countdown continues...here are my choices for best songs of 2013 between 20 and 11.

VIXX & OKDAL - Girls, Why?
I just found out about this song and fell in love with its simplicity. It's a sweet uptempo ballad that has an every sweeter chorus you just can't stop enjoying, if it makes any sense.

FIESTAR - I Don't Know
I loved this song from the moment I heard the cute nursery rhyme-ish bridge. I fell even in love with it (and Jei :p) when I watched FIESTAR Channel on SBS MTV when I was in Seoul last month. Brilliant way to make people notice the song.

Baek A Yeon - A Good Boy
Sad Song was one of my favourite ballads last year. Baek A Yeon's vocal was really powerful in that one. This year, she tries on something more upbeat and succeed. The song is just a sweet jazzy love song that reminds you of Beyonce's Love on Top, a bit.

Miss A - Hush
I didn't instantly like this. After listening it too many times, you just can't help yourself from getting hooked to the seductive chorus. Miss A has also brought new meaning to singing in the shower. Haha.

Sistar 19 - Gone Not Around Any Longer
My only knowledge of Sistar19 was Ma Boy so I thought they would release something in that vine but this tune is not bad at all. A dark ballad with haunting hooks.

Girls' Generation - I Got a Boy
The middle of my choices are loaded with female acts. Simply 'cause I don't love the songs but they're still a heck of a tune. Like EXO's Wolf, this EDM heavy song didn't really caught me at first. You need to study every single parts of the song to really enjoy it. Oh, and also a bazillion of listens will make you sing to it.

Taeyang - Ringa Linga
The later songs of 2013 are really good I would say. Maybe 'cause they're still fresh in my mind. Out of Big Bang's solo releases, this is my favourite. It has an addictive beat and the chorus just make you want to dance.

Got2B - Sorry in Vain
Something about ballad that got me this year. You'll be seeing a few more in the list. This I would call it the 'C-Clown - Far Away...Young Love' of 2013. I love the broody dark kinds of ballads. They are sure-fire hits for me.

VIXX - G.R.8.U
If this was a Top 100 list, there would be a lot of VIXX songs 'cause as a whole, VIXX's discography is addictive. Believe it or not, my favourite VIXX release this year is actually this uptempo pop song. It's not an instant like at first listen but you grow to love it more and more. Cool backwards video also.

Baek Seung Heon - Wait a Minute
I wish people would take notice of this man. His song last year 'Til the Sun Rises was a pleasure to listen to (except the weird rap lyrics). This year he goes all serious with Wait a Minute. An even better effort.

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